Engineering Tooling and Associated Parts

All types of machine accessories, used angle plates, rotary tables, box tables, machine bases, trees for CNC machines.

Cast iron, angle plates, machine trees, Box tables. Drill tables,Rotary tables, Lathe chucks, Chucks, collets,
Milling cutters, collet chucks, boring heads, CNC tooling, machining center trees. surface plates, Angle plates, tee slotted tables.

Elgamill table Box tables Square tables
Trees and huge tables Big Machining center tables CNC Pallets
Angle plates and tables Jig Mill angle plates (precision) Rotary table and angle plate
Rotary tables Drill heads Precision rotary table
Boxes of Tooling Chucks and face-plates Pallets 1200mm square

Boring heads

This is just a sample