Grinding Machinery

Jig Grinder Moore Fosdick Table 900 mm x 450 mm. Sony DRO. AUD $9,500. In stock now. GM6823 Drill Point Grinder thinner.
Oliver.USA Mfg. 1992 AUD $2950

Tos Tool and Cutter Grinder $4950

 Pedestal Grinders. Wheels 250mm x 50mm Wide. Max Dia Wheel   Would Be 300 mm. Single Wheel Speed Of 1835 rpm. Fabricated Frame Wheel  Guards. Tool Rests. Water Pots. 4 Hp 3 Ph Motor. $475
Large range of pedestal grinders available.

Cincinnati Monoset Tool and cutter grinder $ 5,950


Older model available $2950

Bryant Model 24 Internal grinder. Capacity swing over bed 500 mm, swing in gap 800 mm, length 400 mm. Max wheel diam. 125 mm. $4,500 Moore Jig Grinder Model 2C Serial No214
550mm x 310 mm table, DRO, very nice, $9,500


Repco Power T & C Grinder

Tos Tool and Cutter Grinder

Macson No 2 with accessories

All prices quoted in Australian dollars, 

GST not included unless noted.