Press Giken double ended uncoiler. 250 mm wide. max coil dia 1500, Inside dia 508. max coil weight 1500 kgs. Press Giken leveller feeder 250 mm wide x 0.6 - 3.2 mm thick. $9,5000  PU104 SOLD Aida double ended uncoiler 200 mm wide. max dia coil 1200 mm, Inside dia 508 mm. coil weight 1000 kgs, Aida leveller straightener 200mm wide x 3.2 mm thick, 
$9,500  PU105
Uncoiler leveller feeder cradle type.  $2950  PU108 Citydel Coil Holder straightener 1mm x 200 mm $2950
Coil line 600 mm wide x 2.3 mm (24" x .3/32.") Mfg 1980 includes:
AIida programmable feeder RSE-60
Aida uncoiler E-5-615 ton capacity
Aida straightener leveller LS-6032
Coil Car CH5
Price AUD $19,000 - 
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Citydel Uncoiler Leveller Straightener. 3 ton coil weight. 450 mm wide x 3 mm thickness.AUD $12,500

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Small straightener $2,800

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